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Natsuco Grace & Dancin' Texas is a dance team that performs line dancing throughout Japan.
We teaches country line dance at the Dancing Texas schools in Tokyo area and Kyushu.

Natsuco Grace Grace is the founder of the team, and she is a leading person of the country line dancing in Japan. She is not only dancer or instructor but she also is a choreographer of line dancing. Her original steps are very popular in Japan and many of dancers get together to learn her dances from all over Japan.

Additionally, she supports her husband in running Little Texas Food and Bar, a Honky Tonk in downtown Tokyo that features live country music, dance performances and lessons, and Tex-Mex food and drink.

Natsuco Grace Grace and her husband has been visiting Texas at least once a year, and promoting a love of Texas for over 20 years.
She received "Honorary Texan" in 2011.
Through Grace's business and personal activities, she exudes love of the great state of Texas, and promotes U.S.-Japan friendship and understanding.

[Recent Activities]
  • Line Dancing School
  • Performance at the Event
    - July 4th Ceremony at the American Ambassador's Residence, Harley-Davidson Japan, ZeppDiver City Tokyo, JATA "TABIHAKU" Exhibition, Country Gold that is the biggest country event in Japan for almost 20 years, Taste of America at Grand Hyatt Tokyo, ACCJ Charity Ball
  • Promote country music, dance, and western fashion on TV and magazines
  • Produce the country events
  • Promote Texas Tour with JTB

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